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Ambhsha items are produced from high-quality materials and should be treated with caution to ensure a long product life. An insert will be sent with each item that contains suggested care instructions. An internal tag with care instructions can be seen on ready-to-wear items and evening-wear. Please contact us if you require further information or support.

To avoid damaging delicate textiles like silk, tweed, and cashmere, use extra care while putting on jewellery (e.g., carefully pin and unpin a brooch) and carrying a purse. Spraying fragrance, hairspray, or other cosmetics items directly on your piece is not a good idea. Excessive exposure to sunshine, artificial light, and dampness should be avoided. Allow no direct touch between pieces with opposing colours and different materials (for example, cotton and leather).

If feasible, store your ready-to-wear and evening-wear with its dust cover in a cool, well-ventilated room. If you must use mothballs, make sure they don’t come into close touch with your work.

Avoid folding delicate garments with delicate embellishments to avoid harm. Keep your item in its dust cover to prevent it from being crushed by other clothing. To offer further protection, use tissue paper and wrapping.


Ambhsha offers a garment repair service for its own manufactured garments. Currently it is not in operation due to COVID restrictions. 

Please contact us within 12-24 hours of placing your order for alterations. Once the shipment is sent out we cannot change the address. 

Using the shipment tracking number, which will be provided to you after a purchase. You may track your package at any time on the website. Please keep in mind that you will only receive a tracking number after your item has shipped. 

STANDARD DECOR DELIVERY (7-10 business days)


Depending on the size of the item and your location, you may expect to receive your purchase earlier or later. 

Please email for further shipping information. 

Ambhsha processes all orders within 24-48 hours of receiving them. Purchases will be sent straight to you from our warehouse via USPS, UPS, FedEx, or Freight. Orders are sent Monday through Friday, except holidays, on business days.

Candles care

Extinguish candle, allow for it to cool, then wipe with a clean wet cloth if soot accumulates on the interior of the vessel. Relight after trimming the wick.

At all times, keep the wax pool clean of wick trimmings, matches, and debris.

To avoid smoke and hot wax splattering, extinguish the candle with a snuffer or dip the wick into the melted wax and straighten it. Do not blow out the candles.

Draughts shorten the burn period, create uneven burning, smoke, and a reduction in smell throw.

A flame that is not flickering, teardrop-shaped, and upright is an example of efficient burning. If a candle smokes, flickers, or the flame becomes too high, put it out. These symptoms suggest that the candle is not burning correctly or that the flame is not being regulated. Allow the candle to cool before trimming the wick and checking for drafts before relighting it.

It is also critical that candles are not burned when there is just 10mm of wax left in the jar. We highly advise against it since the flame requires a firm foundation of wax to prevent the glass jar from overheating.

Keep your candles in a cold, dark, and dry location at all times. Candles that are scented look lovely when kept beneath a glass cloche, which also protects them from dust.

Avoid putting your candles in places where they will be exposed to direct sunlight or intense interior lighting such as spotlights.

Dust and fingerprints may be removed off a candle by gently wiping the surface with nylon or a soft cloth. The cloth can be used dry or slightly wet.


If you have any questions, please email us we may utilize your questions to aid customers with similar issues by posting them on this website.

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